Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo how about you you you...

It's spring break! Woo Hoo....lets go to the zoo. The kids had a great time. We rode the train, carousel, and got to pet the goats and sheep. We thought about leaving our little monkeys but decided we should just keep 'em.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Alabama Snow

Finally snow in Alabama! How exciting and beautiful! We haven't seen snow like this in a while. After church we decided to go to Cheaha Mountain, which is about 20 minutes from home. The drive up the mountain was absolutely beautiful! I could have take pictures of the trees all day long. It was so peaceful and quiet when we got out of the car. The snow seems to be like a sound proof blanket. lol, if that makes sense. Until my family got to playing in it. We had snowball fights, made snow angels and Derrick and Jack even got a lil wrestling in. lol Katie made so many snow angels. She has got a technique unlike anything I've seen. We thought we would propose the Winter Olympics have a new category and Katie would be the spokesperson for it. It would be called the The Perfect Snow Angel. She had a 10 when it comes to the dismount and stuck her landing every time. lol Jack on the other hand was pretty good at making snowballs. I loved seeing my sweet babies red, freezing, smiling faces. Priceless.... can't wait until the next time it snows in Alabama.