Monday, March 2, 2009

Alabama Snow

Finally snow in Alabama! How exciting and beautiful! We haven't seen snow like this in a while. After church we decided to go to Cheaha Mountain, which is about 20 minutes from home. The drive up the mountain was absolutely beautiful! I could have take pictures of the trees all day long. It was so peaceful and quiet when we got out of the car. The snow seems to be like a sound proof blanket. lol, if that makes sense. Until my family got to playing in it. We had snowball fights, made snow angels and Derrick and Jack even got a lil wrestling in. lol Katie made so many snow angels. She has got a technique unlike anything I've seen. We thought we would propose the Winter Olympics have a new category and Katie would be the spokesperson for it. It would be called the The Perfect Snow Angel. She had a 10 when it comes to the dismount and stuck her landing every time. lol Jack on the other hand was pretty good at making snowballs. I loved seeing my sweet babies red, freezing, smiling faces. Priceless.... can't wait until the next time it snows in Alabama.

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